Agriculture and Fishery


The leaders from the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea shared the view that agriculture is essential for the development of the three nations and the welfare of the peoples in the three countries. Agricultural cooperation among the three countries is conducive to improving agricultural technology, enhancing food production capabilities, and facilitating trade in agricultural products. It also helps the three countries to better maintain food security, promote steady social and economic growth and maintain multiple functions such as conserving lands and preserving biodiversity. The Trilateral Agricultural Ministers’ Meeting (TAMM) was inaugurated in 2012 to allow the three countries to discuss further on the above agenda and strengthen agricultural cooperation in the region and beyond. In the area of fisheries, the three countries established the Trilateral Fisheries Institutes’ Head Meeting mechanism in order to manage marine resources effectively from a scientific point of view. The mechanism encourages the participating research institutes to conduct joint studies which will contribute to a sustainable development of fisheries among the three countries.

The TCS has been attending the TAMM mechanism and the three ministries support TCS to continue its role as a hub for trilateral cooperation in the agriculture sector. TCS shall continue its engagement with the three ministries and the TAMM mechanism to explore more substantial role and provide more meaningful contribution. Support to the fisheries mechanism shall also be further explored.