Trilateral Environmental Cooperation Continues Jiangsu Province - Ishikawa Prefecture - North Jeolla Province
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Jiangsu (China), Ishikawa (Japan) and North Jeolla (Korea) conduct environment exchanges at the working-level.

The exchanges among the three began when Jiangsu and North Jeolla concluded a sister/friendship city agreement in October 1994, Jiangsu and Ishikawa signed an agreement on friendship exchange in November 1995, and Ishikawa and North Jeolla signed the Agreement on Friendly Exchange on September 2001.

A regular program run by the three regions is the Environmental Cooperation Trilateral Program. Started as a bilateral program between Ishikawa and North Jeolla in 2003, the program became trilateral in 2006 following the inclusion of Jiangsu and continues to this day.

Since 2003: CJK Environmental Cooperation Forum Held on a Rotational Basis
The three regions hold review sessions and cultural exchange events among the public servants in charge of environment preservation on a rotational basis, to cooperate and share understanding in dealing with environmental problems, a common important issue for the three regions. The forum, which was postponed twice since 2020 due to COVID-19, will resume as soon as the pandemic situation in each country alleviates.
  • 2019 CJK Environmental Cooperation Forum
    (Source: North Jeolla Province)

Past Events :

개최 실적
No. Year Location Theme
1st 2003 * Ishikawa Environmental Education
2nd 2004 * Ishikawa Environmental Consideration and Environmental Education in Companies and Government Agencies
3rd 2005 * Ishikawa Promotion of Circular Economy
4th 2006 Jiangsu Aquatic Environment Protection
5th 2007 North Jeolla Countering Global Warming
6th 2008 Ishikawa Countering Global Warming
7th 2009 Jiangsu Biodiversity Protection
8th 2013 * Ishikawa Countering Global Warming
9th 2014 * North Jeolla Biodiversity Protection
10th 2015 * Ishikawa Resource Circulation Policy
11th 2016 Jiangsu Management and Recycling of Solid Waste
12th 2017 North Jeolla Collective Measures against PM 2.5
13th 2018 Ishikawa Utilization and Protection of Mountains in the Proximity of Villages
14th 2019 Jiangsu Management, Restoration, and Utilization of Ground Pollution
15th 2022
North Jeolla
* Held only between Japan and Korea (bilateral meeting). Years indicated above are Japanese fiscal years (April 1 – March 31).
(Source: shikawa Prefecture)