Mechanisms 19th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM) in Suwon, ROK 2017.08.24 ~ 2017.08.25

19th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM) was held in Suwon, ROK on August 25, 2017. Minister KIM Eunkyung of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, Minister LI Ganjie of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, and Minister NAKAGAWA Masaharu of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan attended the meeting.

At the Meeting, the three Ministers exchanged latest development of national environmental policies and shared key environmental policies of their countries to address global and regional environmental issues. The Ministers also reviewed the progress of the Tripartite Joint Action Plan on Environmental Cooperation (2015-2019), and welcomed the results of Trilateral Teachers’ Exchange Program on Public Awareness held in August, 2017 in ROK by the TCS.

The three ministers reaffirmed their commitments to work together to further promote sustainable development by promising to step up efforts in various areas including air quality, climate change, biodiversity, waste management and etc.

The Meeting was followed up by a press conference, where the three Ministers summarized the 19th TEMM results and signed the Joint Communiqué.

The Youth Forum and Tripartite Roundtable on Environmental Business was also held as back-to-back events of the TEMM.

The TCS joined both in the TEMM and Youth Forum as an observer. Director JANG Eun Young delivered congratulatory remarks at the Youth Forum addressing the importance of youth cooperation in promoting the trilateral relations and solving regional environmental issues.

The 20th TEMM will be held in China in 2018.

▲The 19th TEMM 

▲Signing Ceremony of the Joint Communique 

▲Director JANG Eun Young delivers congratulatory remarks at the Youth Forum