Others 7th TCS Consultative Board Paid a Visit to China News Service 2023.10.27
On October 27, 2023, Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup, Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji and YAN Liang (collectively as the “7th Consultative Board”) of Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) paid a visit to Mr. ZHANG Mingxin, Editor-in-chief of China News Service (CNS) in Beijing. 

Secretary-General LEE expressed gratitude to China News Service for its support in promoting TCS projects and events. He shared the positive progress of the Trilateral Cooperation and conveyed his desire for ongoing media support from CNS to further promote the advancements made in this regard. Highlighting the critical role of media in raising public awareness and fostering mutual understanding, he expressed hope for deeper collaboration with China News Service in the future. 

Editor-in-chief ZHANG Mingxin extended congratulations to the 7th TCS Consultative Board on their assumption of office. he provided a brief overview of China News Service and highlighted the various projects initiated by CNS aimed at promoting Trilateral Cooperation. Echoing the idea of enhancing mutual perception among the three countries through media, he reiterated China News Service’s commitment to providing continuous media support to TCS and telling the good and positive stories of the Trilateral Cooperation. 

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