TC Activities Opening of the 3rd Trilateral Environmental Teachers’ Exchange Program 2023.08.15
On August 15th, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and China Center for Environmental Education & Communication (CEEC, MEE) co-hosted the 3rd Trilateral Teacher’s Exchange Program (TTEP) in Beijing, with the support of Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Japan Ministry of the Environment, Ordos Municipal People’s Government, and Foreign Affairs Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. 

TCS Secretary General OU Boqian delivered her opening remarks, emphasizing the complexity of ecological environmental protection, as well as the significance of international cooperation in addressing environmental challenges. SG OU also highlighted the vital role of environmental education (EE) in shaping human behavior and contributing to sustainable progress. SG OU commended Ordos as a globally model for desertification control and green development, expressing her hope that participants would actively engage with Ordos' environmental protection experiences, which offer valuable case studies in the three countries. 

On behalf of the CEEC, Mr. LIN Yu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, delivered the opening remarks. He expressed that the three sides shall engage in communication, provide more replicable experience and cases of EE for regional environment and sustainable development, and realize the value of EE cooperation for the benefit of the three countries. 

After the ceremony, the Trilateral Symposium on Environmental Education and Public Awareness was organized to share environmental policies and best practices in environmental education. During Session 1, government officials from China, Japan, and the ROK presented their policy trends, such as combating climate change and implementing carbon neutrality. Session 2 showcased the best practices of environmental education in schools, sparking the interest and attention of all participants. Teachers exchanged lively experiences with each other during this session. Participants expressed unanimous agreement on the necessity and the significance of establishing a network among CJK EE stakeholders. They also concurred that EE should possess sustainability to drive changes in actions and habits. Additionally, they mentioned the importance of involving all individuals, not only teachers and students but also parents and citizens. 

Fourteen participants, including highly qualified teachers, education experts experienced in EE, and government officials from CJK, were invited to the 3rd TTEP, which took place from August 15-18. This program consists of the following activities: 1) Trilateral Symposium on Environmental Education and Public Awareness, 2) Dialogue with Ordos' stakeholders: Sand Control and International Cooperation Strategies in Ordos, 3) Discussion on EE transformation and the role of school EE, 4) Visit to Ordos environmental protection sites: Engbei Ecological Demonstration Zone and Ordos Gulls National Nature Reserve, and 5) Presentation of Education Teaching Plans. 

TTEP was initiated to promote the public awareness project assigned by the three environment ministries and it received unanimous agreement and support from all three parties. The first event took place in the ROK in 2017, followed by the second event in Japan in 2019, both of which were successfully organized. While the past four years have seen on-site gatherings, the COVID-19 necessitated the replacement of the physical symposium with an online format. The TCS remains committed to advancing its efforts in fostering mutual understanding among the three countries and contributing to heightened public awareness regarding environmental protection. These endeavors aim to foster peace and shared prosperity among three countries. 

▲SG OU Boqian delivering Opening Remarks 

▲Deputy Secretary LIN Yu delivered Opening Remarks 

▲Group Photo