Others TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian visited Giant Pandas at the Everland Theme Park 2023.07.18
On July 18, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) delegation led by Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian, paid a visit to the Everland Theme Park located in Gyeonggi Province, ROK. 

At the meeting, David CHUNG, Director of Everland Zoo, introduced the history and development of the theme park. He also shared the delightful news about Panda Ai Bao who gave birth to twin cubs earlier this month. 

SG OU warmly acknowledged Everland for their care of the giant pandas. She emphasized the popularity of Fu Bao and Ai Bao on Chinese social media platforms. In particular, she introduced TCS’ upcoming project, the Trilateral Youth Summit(TYS), that will invite about 100 students from China, Japan and the ROK to participate the programs held in China’s Beijing and Chengdu, the hometown of Pandas. As a warmup event for TYS, The TCS plans to film giant pandas in the three countries, symbolizing the spirit of friendship. 

At the Panda World, veterinarian YOON Seunghee welcomed the TCS delegation and provided a brief presentation and the pandas at the education center, and extended best wishes for the success of the TYS and assured the delegation that Everland Zoo would offer any necessary support required for the event. Following that, zookeeper KANG Chulwon introduced each panda to the TCS delegation, discussing the critical role of panda conservation and their significance within the East Asian region. SG OU extended heartfelt congratulations on his birthday and expressed deep appreciation for his commitment towards the well-being of the pandas under his care. 

Currently, Everland zoo is home to five pandas, and the TCS delegation had the opportunity to meet Le Bao and Fu Bao in person, adding a memorable touch to the visit. 

▲Meeting with the Director of Everland Zoo 

▲Giant panda at Everland Zoo 

▲SG and zookeeper KANG Chulwon