Mechanisms 17th TRIPO Heads Meeting among KIPO, SIPO and JPO in Jeju, ROK 2017.12.06
The 17th TRIPO Heads Meeting among the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) and Japan Patent Office (JPO) and 5th TRIPO User Symposium were held in Jeju, ROK from December 6 to 7, 2017. The three delegations were headed respectively by Mr. SUNG Yunmo, Commissioner of KIPO; Dr. SHEN Changyu, Commissioner of SIPO; and Ms. MUNAKATA Naoko, Commissioner of JPO. Both the Heads Meeting and Symposium were hosted by KIPO and the TCS has participated as the observer upon the invitation of KIPO.

At the TRIPO Heads Meeting, the three commissioners introduced each country’s current status and had in-depth discussions on various topics for trilateral cooperation activities regarding the field of Intellectual Property (IP). Considering the fact that the three countries account for more than half of the patent applications from the world and the number of applications across the three countries has been increasing, they shared a common view to emphasize and further strengthen trilateral cooperation among the three offices. 

The 5th TRIPO User Symposium was held back-to-back with the TRIPO Heads Meeting under the theme of “Fourth Industrial Revolution” on the following day. It featured the presentations and panel discussion with the participation of professors, patent attorneys and knowledgeable experts from private sector from the three countries to offer an opportunity to discuss the latest trends triggered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in IP protection by the administrative and judicial bodies of each country.

The TCS Deputy Secretary-General Mr. YAMAMOTO Yasushi delivered the congratulatory remarks at the Symposium. DSG YAMAMOTO highlighted the progress of the trilateral cooperation in Intellectual Property (IP) and the TCS’s role to report its progress to the Trilateral Summit planned to be held in near future. 

TRIPO Heads Meeting has been held since 2001 and TRIPO Symposium has been held since 2013 both by the three IP Offices. The TCS has been participating in the TRIPO Heads Meeting and Symposium since 2014 and have made continuous efforts to develop its potential role in IP mechanism with the three IP offices. The next TRIPO Heads Meeting and Symposium will be held in China in 2018.

The 17th TRIPO Heads Meeting among KIPO, SIPO and JPO 

Signing Ceremony of the Record of Discussion (ROD) among the three IP offices 

Congratulatory remarks by Deputy Secretary-General YAMAMOTO Yasushi 

 Deputy Secretary-General YAMAMOTO Yasushi at the TRIPO User Symposium