Others TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian Met with Ms. MIZUTORI Mami, Head of UNDRR 2022.09.28
On September 28, TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian met with Ms. MIZUTORI Mami, Special Representative of the United Nations secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction and Head of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk reduction (UNDRR) during the International Disaster Resilience Leaders Forum Incheon 2022 in Incheon. Mr. Sanjaya Bhatia, Head of the UNDRR Office for Northeast Asia and Global Education and Training Institute (ONEA-GETI) was also in attendance. 

SG OU extended her gratitude for the UNDRR’s partnership with TCS, including a recent disaster risk reduction (DRR) lecture for participants of the 7th Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program in August. Mentioning China, Japan and ROK agreed to ensure steady implementation of Sendai Framework and promote capacity building on DRR at the 7th Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management, she expressed further cooperation on the mid-term review of Sendai Framework in collaboration with UNDRR, the three ministries and CJK DRR institutions. Furthermore, with the help of UNDRR, TCS would like to enrich a DRR aspect in TCS projects, especially youth projects, and to disseminate good DRR practices of the three countries in collaboration with ASEAN countries. 

Ms. MIZUTORI thanked SG OU for the cooperation with UNDRR ONEA GETI for various DRR seminars and publication. She, echoing with SG OU on involvement of media and youth, shared the importance of more TV broadcasting companies sharing disaster alerts on TV and the crucial role of youth for strengthening DRR as they have innovative and creative ideas with advanced knowledge in technology. She would like to see the cooperation between the two organizations grow further to promote DRR capacity building and implement the Sendai Framework in the region and beyond.