Seminar & Forum Secretary-General OU Boqian Delivered Remarks to International Forum on Transboundary Air Pollution 2022.09.08
On September 8th, 2022, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) Secretary-General OU Boqian delivered remarks to the 2nd International Forum on Transboundary Air Pollution, which was held in Seoul, ROK. The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in commemoration of the 3rd International Day of Clean for blue skies. The event invited high-level decision makers and experts around the world to exchange valuable insights on innovative air pollution solutions. 

In her welcoming remarks, SG OU introduced how all China, Japan and Korea have the common issue of air pollution, due to our common achievements of rapid industrialization and urbanization. Despite the challenging situation in CJK, she also shared the optimistic conditions of the region by highlighting CJK’s high level of innovation and R&D, which could serve as resources for developing innovative solutions for air pollution. SG OU also emphasized that whenever there are common challenges, there are new opportunities for international and regional cooperation. 

In addition, SG introduced TCS’ endeavors in preventing air pollution, such as supporting the Tripartite Environment Ministers’ Meeting (TEMM) and related environmental follow-up projects. 

The Forum was composed of three sessions, focusing on strengthening regional cooperation as well as facilitating a broader exchange of innovative air pollution solutions and best practices, including policies, data and technologies, and capacity needs. 

▲SG OU during the group photo session at the Forum 

▲SG OU delivering remarks at the Forum