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Seminar & Forum Secretary-General OU Boqian Delivered Congratulatory Remarks at Korea-China EV Forum 2022.05.05
On May 5, 2022, Korea-China EV Forum was held on the occasion of the 9th International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE), in Jeju, ROK. The Forum was organized in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Korea-China Diplomatic relations, inviting dignitaries and experts in the relevant industries from both countries. TCS SG OU Boqian delivered congratulatory remarks at the opening session. 

SG OU shared in her remarks that China, Japan and Korea are leading the global electric vehicle(EV) industry, accounting for about 80% of global market share in battery sector and 41% of global sales in electric vehicle. Against the backdrop of enhanced international cooperation toward carbon neutrality goal, she also highlighted that the three countries have established a sound supply chain system for EV battery and are constantly working on technological innovation. On a related note, she introduced the TCS’ efforts to explore cooperative solutions for sustainable development, such as ‘Forum on Carbon Neutrality Goals’ co-hosted with UNESCAP in November 2021. 

The forum consisted of two sessions discussing trends, prospects, and policy directions for the electric vehicle and battery industries. In each session, speakers invited from related businesses, research centers, and associations in Korea and China delivered presentations, which was followed by plenary discussions. 

▲SG OU delivering congratulatory remarks 

▲SG OU attending the Forum