Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
Seminar & Forum CJK Local Economic Exchange Forum 2020 2020.10.12

The TCS participated in the CJK Local Economic Exchange Forum 2020 organized by the Korea Japan Economic Association on October 12 , 2020. The Forum was held with the theme of ‘Trilateral Cooperation After and With Corona Tourism industries” inviting CJK local governments and relevant business people residing in Korea to discuss ways to revitalize the tourism industry as a way of overcoming the regional economic downturn caused by the COVID 19 pandemic


SG Michigami delivered opening remarks stressing that the three countries are making steady efforts to hold high level meetings in various areas to overcome the COVID 19 pandemic and revive the economy. In line with such efforts, he introduced that the TCS hosted an online seminar on the countermeasures for COVID 19 pandemic among the three countries , and has continued to explore various projects, including cooperation among local governments. As the practical needs of the trilateral cooperation is large among business sectors , in particular , SG Michigami highlighted that it is timely to discuss ways to revitalize the local economy and promote people to people exchanges after COVID 19. In this regard, he pledged that the TCS would provide its utmost support for the exchange and cooperation in the future. 


During the Forum, local governments and the relevant agencies from the three countries introduced their plans to explore new tourism resources and promote diverse business opportunities , amid a slowdown in the tourism industry caused by the COVID 19. Based on this, the participants exchanged views on how the three countries would further promote their cooperation on tourism and people to people exchanges in the post COVID 19 era. 



▲CJK Local Economic Exchange Forum 2020 




▲SG Michigami delivering opening remarks 




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