Seminar & Forum TCS Attended the 8th GTI NEA Tourism Industry Forum in Hunchun, China 2019.09.04 ~ 2019.09.05


The 8th Great Tumen Initiative (GTI) Northeast Asia (NEA) Tourism Industry Forum was held in Hunchun, China on September 4-5, 2019. TCS delegation headed by Director of Economic Affairs, Ms. QIAO Wen attended the forum. Governmental officials, representatives from international organizations as well as private sectors participated in the forum and unfolded the discussion around the theme “Developing Marine Tourism and Building Around-the-sea Tourism Economic Belt”. 

Ms. QIAO Wen delivered keynote speech at the session on “Connect Cross-border Tourism Products: Create a Coastal Tourism and Economic Belt”. She provided practices in trilateral cooperation for reference of developing Around-the-Sea Tourism and tourism economy in the wider NEA region. She also introduced how tourism could mutually benefit with other industries, such as sports, especially  Olympics which are taking place consecutively in China, Japan, and the ROK and economic cooperation on Olympics, as well as marine environmental cooperation in NEA region. 

Ms. QIAO Wen indicated NEA has rich and diverse natural and cultural reserves yet haven’t been developed sufficiently. She encouraged NEA countries to utilize and connect their national strategies on regional connectivity to co-develop NEA, such as B&R, Greater Eurasia Partnership, New Northern Policy, Steppe Program, and Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy. She mentioned the CJK+X model agreed by the three leaders and that Northeast Asian countries could explore more synergies.

Ms. QIAO Wen recognized the geographic importance of Hunchun and encouraged all stakeholders to utilize this platform and form closer collaboration. In the end, she affirmed that TCS would continuously cooperation with other international organizations including GTI to contribute to peace and co-prosperity in NEA. 
On the second day, the capacity building workshop on social media marketing of tourism industry was conducted by Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office and Chameleon Strategies. 

▲Director Qiao Wen Delivering Keynote Speech

▲8th GTI NEA Tourism Industry Forum in Progress