Others TCS Board Members Paid a Courtesy Visit to the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan 2015.12.15
On December 15, 2015, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) Board Members visited the Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan and exchanged views on trilateral nuclear safety cooperation with Deputy Secretary-General OGINO Toru. 

TCS Secretary-General YANG Houlan expressed sincere appreciation to the NRA for supporting TCS’ participation in the trilateral consultative mechanism on nuclear safety. He made it clear that the TCS will closely follow the process and provide necessary assistance to relevant meetings and projects. The TCS looks forward to continued support from the NRA. 

Deputy Secretary-General OGINO welcomed TCS’ visit and appreciated TCS’ efforts in promoting trilateral cooperation in various fields. He underlined the significance of nuclear safety cooperation and expressed satisfaction with the latest progress, especially the establishment of three Working Groups. He said such exchange between the NRA and the TCS is conducive to the trilateral mechanism and the NRA will keep communication with TCS to promote trilateral nuclear safety cooperation. 

(third from the left) Meeting with Deputy Secretary-General OGINO