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[TC Activity] Korea-Qingdao Economic Trade Cooperation Seminar held in Seoul, ROK – May 14, 2019 2019-05-14





Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) HAN Mei was invited to deliver congratulatory remarks at the Korea-Qingdao Economic Trade Cooperation Seminar on May 14, 2019 organized by the Qingdao Municipal People's Government. Qingdao Mayor MENG Fanli participated the Seminar as the head of delegation of the Qingdao City. 


In the congratulatory remarks, DSG HAN Mei emphasized the importance of trilateral economic and trade cooperation as the three countries represent one of the major trading partners with each other. She explained that the TCS also supports to promote economic cooperation of the three countries in various forms. Furthermore, DSG HAN highlighted Qingdao as a strategically and geographically important city for Korea, where it has provided good practices of economic and trade cooperation.


In the keynote speech, the Qingdao Mayor MENG Fanli briefly introduced the background of Qingdao city and its merits for future cooperation. He underscored the importance of increasing exchanges and cooperation between the Qingdao city and Korea, and emphasized that the Qingdao city is always open as an international port city. He hoped to further cooperate with Korea in various fields including manufacturing sector, logistics and trade, as well as cultural people-to-people exchange.


The Seminar brought more than 300 participants including various business sectors from the Qingdao city and Korea. MOU signing ceremony between Qingdao-Korea companies was held after the seminar covering the business sectors from manufacturing, health care, technology, culture, and trade. 



▲Congratulatory Remarks by DSG Han Mei



▲Keynote Speech by Qingdao Mayor Meng Fanli



▲MOU Signing Ceremony